Android Apps for PC

No doubt android has made its name on top of the Smartphone apps list, however now you can download and use the app for PC. Below are the best Android apps for pc, have a look at them. Bubble Blaze for Windows PC Bubble Blaze has brought the bubble shooting games to a very new level where, not like the old games, Bubble Blaze has... more →
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Reviewing the 10 Best Weather Apps for android

Everyone cares and concern about the weather. It has a direct effect on how we are going to spend our day.  We dress ourselves based on weather, we confirm or cancel our outdoor plans based on weather and sometimes we stay in and hide in fear of our lives and that is too because of weather. So it is almost a necessity to have an... more →
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10 Best Android Camera Apps

10 Best Android Camera Apps
Smartphone cameras have grown from just being expedient to influential enough shoot. However, hardware doesn’t notify the whole story. Android phone owners have the choice to select from a wide range of camera apps, with features like as composition overlays, steady shot helpers, multiple shot modes, editing tools in addition... more →
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Essential Travel Apps for Android

Travel Apps for Android
There are several travel apps on the marketplace today that are mainly designed to assist you in some way, whether you require to check the rank of the 21.30 to Heathrow, get a idea for someplace to eat in a odd city, or locate your favorite radio station to listen in to at the time when you’re waiting for the late departure of... more →

Best Weight Loss Apps for Android

Best Weight Loss Apps for Android
If you want to lose a few pounds having an eye on what you eat sounds is just like a common-sense advice. However it’s easy to mislay track when you’re counting up calorie counts in your mind and telling yourself that one additional biscuit will not make a huge difference at all. Fortunately, there’s no need for... more →
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