5 Tips to Score Highly in Fruit Ninja for PC

An amazing fruit slicing game, Fruit Ninja is available for iOS, Android, Nokia and many other smartphone users. The game has become extremely popular in different parts of the globe over the last few months and the good part is that it can also be downloaded and played on your laptop or desktop. If you are unable to score highly in Fruit Ninja for PC despite trying your level best, you should adopt the following five strategies:

1 – Keep your hand on the Mouse

In order to efficiently splash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior, you must keep your active hand on the mouse so that you can swipe the cursor across the screen quickly. However, you must remain careful about the bombs. If you cut these explosives, your juicy adventure will come to an end rather quickly. If you are used to playing Fruit Ninja on an iPhone, iPad or any Android phone, you will take some time to adjust on your personal computer as splashing fruits by touching the screen and doing it through your mouse cursor are different. However, some gamers do find it easier with the mouse.

However, a downside to keeping your hand on the mouse and staying ultra-alert is that you might end up splashing a bomb by reacting a little too fast. In order to avoid such a situation, you should keep your ears open for a sizzling noise of a bomb.

2 – Fix your Focus

In order to react faster to a change of your visual environment in real life circumstances or in video games, it is a universal idea to fix your focus on a single point in your line of sight. In Fruit Ninja, this technique will help you react faster to fruits coming on your screen. Avoid moving your eyes on different parts of the screen regularly as it will deteriorate the concentration level.

3 – Try to Combine Special Bananas

Banana should be your first priority whenever it appears on the screen. Keep in mind that if you miss even a single banana, it could turn out to be the mistake which will stop you from achieving a good score. You can enhance your chances of racking up a lot of points by combining two bananas. If you combine a frenzy banana with a freeze banana, for example, you can slice through a great amount of fruit through a single swoop of your sword. At the end of sixty seconds, this strategy will help you achieve a massive amount of score and bonus.

4 – Avoid Hitting Purple Bombs

Whenever you hit a purple bomb, you will receive a minus 10 bonus each time. However, there is a bonus to be achieved at the end of the game if you successfully avoid hitting any purple bomb.

5 – Be Patient

One of the keys to success in Fruit Ninja is to be patient whenever fruit appears. In arcade mode, slicing every fruit as soon as it comes onto the screen is not always the recommended option. Make a decisive slice, while allowing fruits to line up either vertically or horizontally.

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