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Ibm Pseries

IBM 8406-71Y PS701 AIX 8-Core 3.0GHz pSeries Blade Power7 P7 46K6798


IBM 7042-C06 eServer pSeries Hardware Management Console


IBM 9110-510 p5-510 pSeries Server 1.5GHz 2-Way, 8GB mem, 73.4GB disk, rails


IBM 9110-51A p5-510 pSeries Server Power5 4-Way 1.5Ghz 93ZZ, 4GB RAM


IBM 7044-170 333MHz POWER3-II Proc 2GB Memory 73GB Disk Drive pSeries


IBM pSeries eserver p620-6F1 AND IBM Ultrium LTO-1 200Gb Tape drive 3580-L11 EXT


IBM 9115-505 pSeries p5-505 1.9GHz 1-Core P5+ Processor, 16GB mem, 73.4GB Disk


9110-510 IBM pSeries Power5 2 Way 1.65GHz eServer


7044-270 RS6000 System with 375MHz 4-way POWER3-II Processor Server pSeries IBM


IBM 7028-6C1 pSeries p610, 375MHz 1-Way POWER 3 Proc,4GB Mem,73GB Disk, no Rails


IBM 9115-505 pSeries, p5-505,1.9GHz 2-Core POWER5+, 32GB mem/73.4GB disk




IBM 9115-505 pSeries,p5-505, 2.1GHz 2-Core POWER5+ FC#8290, 32GB mem/73.4GB disk


IBM 00P3202 7028-6E4 p630 Server Chassis pSeries yz


New IBM 93H6563 93H6562 Enhanced 16 Port RS-422 Remote Async Node RS6000,pseries


IBM 15R6747 6B0B Unit Emergency Power Off UEPO Switch pSeries W42 575 590 595


NEW IN BOX IBM 7042-CR7 eServer pSeries Hardware Management Console


IBM 7024-E30 233MHz PowerPC 604e Proc 512MB Memory 4x 4.5GB Disk Drives pSeries




IBM 8202-E4B Power 720 3.0GHz 6-Core POWER7 32GB Memory 146GB Disk pSeries


IBM 2459-702X LC-SC 62.5 Micron Fiber Converter Cable 2.0m 6.5ft pSeries 8z


9110-510-2W1.5 IBM Pseries P510 Eserver, 2w 1.5ghz 0x0


IBM 2056-9076 375-450MHz POWER3 SMP Thin Mode pSeries Server yz


IBM 9117 570 p5-570 2.2GHz 2-Way POWER5+ 73GB Disk 16GB Memory pSeries RS6000


IBM 7026 B80 pSeries p640 Server 375MHz 4-way POWER3-II, 16GB mem, 293GB disk


IBM 3718 CEC Interconnect Cable CPU Quad SCM 2x CEC Gen-4 pSeries Power 7 z7


IBM 7028-6C4 pSeries 630 2 x 1GHz (2-way) POWER4 Proc, 32GB Memory, 293GB Disk


IBM 97P3871 Processor Cable, 3x Drawer 12-Way System for p5 9117-570 pSeries yz


IBM 9117-MMB Power770 Server,32way 3.1Ghz, 256GB RAM,P7 pSeries Configuration yz


IBM 3670 SAS Cable DASD Backplane Split to Rear for pSeries 8203-E4A 8261-E4S yz