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Microscope Filter

Microscope Colored Filter Set 32mm Diameter (0002)


Microscope 32mm Blue Color Filter for Compound Microscope


25mm Diameter Microscope Color Filters


Microscope Rheinberg Illumination Interchangeable Filter Set 32mm and other Dia


Vtg Bausch & Lomb Optical Filter Microscope Illuminator Light - Bakelite - XLNT


CCD Microscope Camera with Heliopan filter


Olympus LBD-IF Microscope Filter 45mm Across


> Lot of 2 Microscope Filter Holders & 6 Various Zeiss Filters 339


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Two 32mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices.


Microscope Rheinberg Filters Interchangeable 32mm Diameter and Others


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Two 25mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices


Leitz Microscope Green Filter


Microscope 32mm Frosted Blue Color Filter for Compound Microscope




Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Three 20mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices


Microscope Multi Coated Filter & Lens Cleaner, No Smear, No Residue (1 Fl. Oz)


Nikon Microscope 45mm Neutral Density Filter ND8


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Three 12mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Two 35mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices


Circular Oblique Illumination COL Microscope Filter Set 32mm and Others


Three 33.5 mm darkfield microscope filters NEW


Zeiss Microscope Axiovert 35 Pol Filter


Carl Zeiss Microscope Filter Holder Housing with Filters 46 63 01 IM Style


Olympus Microscope Filter Cube


Microscope Filter Adapter 50.7ID


Carl Zeiss Microscope Slider Filter Holder from IM Inverted Microscope


Olympus IMT-2 Microscope Fluorescence Filter block cube


Olympus IMT-2 Microscope U Filter block cube




Nikon Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube B2 for Diaphot Labophot Optiphot


Nikon Microscope camera / filter unit 30213 with cable


Olympus U-MF2 Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube


Reichert UnivaR Microscope Filter Block