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Microscope Filter

Microscope Colored Filter Set 32mm Diameter (0002)


Zeiss Microscope Grey 32mm Filter Set 467840 0.5 467841 0.12 467842 0.03


Microscope 32mm Blue Color Filter for Compound Microscope


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Two 32mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices.


Zeiss Phase Contrast 1 Filter for Invertoskop Microscope


Linear Polarizing Filter Set of Three 16mm Diameter Microscope, Optical Devices.


Leica DMR Microscope Filter Set


Zeiss 466301-9901 Microscope Fluorescence Filter Holder


Microscope 32mm Green Color Filter Accessory with pouch


Nikon Microscope Neutral Density Filter Slider


Darkfield filter set of 19 filters for microscopes 32mm


33mm Diameter Microscope Color Filters


Carl Zeiss Microscope Filter Cube Housing Axio Series


Olympus 45mm ND8 Neutral Density Microscope Filter - 1mm Thick


Zeiss Universal Microscope Filter Holder w/ Filters for Special Illuminator Base


Olympus U-MF2 Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube


Nikon Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube DM510 BA520-560


Semrock Brightline Microscope Fluorescence Filter 575/25 for Cube


Zeiss Microscope 3Fl Fluorescence Filter Cube Slider Housing


Nikon Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube B10


Leitz N2 Cube Filter Block For Ploemopak Fluorescence Microscope Green 513609


Polarizing Filter Set For Olympus BH2 Microscope


Nikon Microscope Circular Polarization Filter


Semrock Bright Line Microscope Fluorescence Filter 387/11-25 for Cube


33mm Diameter Circular Oblique Illumination COL Microscope Filter Set


Leitz Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube N2 513609


Nikon Microscope Fluorescence Filter Cube DM510 BA515IF


Polarizing Filter Set For Nikon Labophot - 2 Microscope


Olympus IMT-2 Microscope Fluorescence Filter block cube


Olympus Microscope Confocal Filter Set FV3-SDM515


Zeiss Microscope Axiovert 35 Pol Filter